• Why Trigent?

    Our mission is to help our customers in “Overcoming Limits” of competitiveness, productivity, technology complexity, time and budget constraints.

Our Differentiators

C-level executives are constantly faced with a plethora of considerations when it comes to outsourcing. Some considerations such as size, geographical location, credentials and skill availability are measurable but ‘soft’ factors such as trust, reliability, right-fit, culture and the partnership approach are not so easy to measure.

Our credentials are our decades of technical expertise and our differentiators are the testimonials provided by our repeat clients. They come to Trigent year-after-year, and sometimes, decade after decade, trusting us to develop and maintain their core software, back-end operations and customer facing systems. Here are some reasons why:

Technical expertise with a solution-based approach: end-to-end solutions to address complex problems
– Since 14+ years, a Fortune 100, truck and school bus manufacturer trusts us to design and manage their manufacturing operations

Over the last two decades, hundreds of clients have benefited from our ability to understand business problems, stakeholder objectives and build solutions to solve challenging problems.

Strength in consulting, business process and architecture: end-user focused approach
– A $150m accessories retailer recently said ‘We made outsourcing easy’

We don’t throw resources at problems but focus on solutions that drive results.

Ability to access a wide variety of skilled talent with domain expertise: hit the ground running
– Our long term client relationships are diverse and include healthcare, e-learning, insurance, manufacturing, hitech, marketing and many other industries

Our teams grasp new skills fast with the help of experienced team leads and PMs, learning time is less and customer overheads are low.

Local US liaison and engagement management: minimized risk while working with a global team
– An e-commerce retailer mentioned – ‘Your US team helped ensure a seamless transition for our merchandising application and test automation systems and processes!’

Our engagement managers in the US are actively engaged in making every relationship successful, ensuring stakeholders’ success at every stage of the project.

Strong engineering documentation, QA best practices and project visibility: better control over projects and lower TCO
– Periodic audits by certified ISO 9001 auditors and strong internal documentation systems and processes ensure better control on projects

We ensure visibility, good engineering documentation and hands on approach to all client projects. Agile Scrum or traditional methodologies, we work collaboratively helping clients improve overall productivity and efficiency.

Along with the reasons listed about, we believe in the philosophy of ‘meaningful innovation’ which has led to pioneering work in the semantics space. Visit our patents page to see our spirit of innovation at work.

Awards & Recognition

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